Over my dead body would I ever leave him and return to the agency.” Norma remembers those words that now prove to be untrue as she rejoins Atropos—a covert government organization—after so many bloodless years. She has just carried out her first mission back, suspiciously without her team. Something tells her things are not what they seem and betrayal is imminent.

It turns out a devastating weapon created by the agency may soon be decommissioned, and things need to change. Norma is beginning to speculate that it isn’t her skill set that the agency wants. Instead, accepting her back was their way of gaining access to a more lethal successor.

Is her gut feeling right? Will the agency soon turn on her? Norma must escape the clandestine smoky mirrors of Washington DC and see clearly, before it is too late.




Joe Kilgore, The US Review of Books

   “Stylishly written, this is an engaging read that pushes the envelope of the thriller genre… she paints a harrowing picture.”

Pacific Book Review in their Starred Review

   “The suspense in the book is irresistible. The author knows how to entice readers by introducing subplots which increase one’s focus to finish the book… ‘The Atropos Maker’ is a great read for those who fancy thrillers, drama, conspiracy stories, military fiction and a great plot.”

IndieReader in their 4.8-star review

   “The Atropos Maker” is a fast-paced and expertly plotted two-fisted political thriller focusing on corrupt international and domestic organizations, secret weapons, and conspiracies,

Amazon Reviewer

   “What an exhilarating ride. Heart-pounding! I couldn’t put it down. The author has expertly woven in mysterious threads and plenty of twists.”